Rock & Roll | Blues | Southern Rock
Kraków, Polsko
BUNGA BAND is created by Szymon Wyrembak and the brothers Roman and Sławek Szonowski. This is a rock n' roll version of them consisting a massive energy of their own songs and the biggest hits of 50's and 60's. The band is performing with their own oldschool rock n' roll songs but also with some classics such as hits of Elvis Presley, The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Chuck Berry, T.Rex and more. The band is performing since 2014, spreading the rock n' roll vibe both small and big cities. Every single gig is a huge party but also the honest message and strong conviction that playing live means indomitable power and thruth. Spring of 2017 has brought two singles released - 'My baby ain't right tonight' and 'I believe' - promising the debut album. Album means a head full of ideas, inspirations, new solutions, sounds and notes. So to be honest there is no 'album' coming but a serie of live performances, captured and recorded in different places - honest as it can be and raw as the real rock n' roll. 
BUNGA BAND have met a man on their path, that thinks the same way as the band. The cooperation brought new colours not only to the sound of the band but also to the bigger picture. Vintage approach to recording are the quintessence of the cooperation with its effect in analog solutions. But there is no lack of modern solutions in visual side of the band. Because when the old and the new meet together there is a new quality which is the BUNGA BAND.  

In 2017 a great singer Aśka Markowska is joining the band in both studio and live for some tracks .
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