Dario Marotta

Electronic | Rock | Experimental
Brno, Česká republika
Dario is an Italian composer and multi-instrumentalist based in Czech Republic.
He started playing guitar at the age of 12 approaching into Classical, Irish, Folk and American acoustic Blues, soon later getting to the electric guitar.
During his experience as a performer has faced various music genres, also playing in various bands and participating in demo/albums productions.
Later on he get near the electronic music and synthesizers, being fascinated by the range of possibilities of experimentation with it.
Since 2009 he began with the composing, programming and producing .
His solo project consists in a cocktail of genres: Electronic, Techno, Rock, Ambient and more.
His live sessions are completely solo, all in a live visual & conceptual experience.
Since 2017 he joins as well "Juras Pan Sound", a fresh unique band which combine handpan percussion with other musical instruments.
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