Eclectic Cinema

Synthpop | Electronic | Industrial
Brno, Česká republika

Eclectic Cinema is an electro-pop music project based in Brno, Czech Republic, with beautifully crafted synth-infused songs. We are Duncan and Mirek, and we welcome you to join us on a musical ride filled with simple pleasures, punchy beats and catchy tunes. After all, what more could you possibly need in your life?

Mirek Jirku and Duncan Hendy met in 2015 in Brno when they started working together. Quickly, they discovered a common love of analog synthesizers and pure, well-crafted pop. After collaborating on several “artistic” endeavours, they realised that their true calling was writing and performing dancey and catchy pop music. So, Mirek, the synth auteur, and Duncan, the classically trained composer launched Eclectic Cinema into the world.

Duncan is the singer, co-songwriter and lyricist, and is well known in Brno as a composer and performer. Having composed on several occasions for such ensembles as Brno Filharmonie with pieces such as Sunrise and Mendel: The Legacy for full orchestra and choir, and The Indigo Quartet with Arrows of Time: A Tribute to Doctor Who, he brings his classical training in just the right measures to the band. Although an Englander by birth, it is in Brno where his musical heart lies.

Mirek is no stranger to the world of synth music and has been part of the Brno underground synth scene since 1994. His role in the band it to add those fine details and shape and polish the songs. His addiction to groove means during live performances of the songs, he just lets those songs build and build into a crashing crescendo and then just as fluidly, changes the mood with subtle colour and detail to shift the mood into another dimension. The audience is kept on their toes with this audio maelstrom of melodic and rhythmic beauty.
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