Heavy Metal | Metal | Power Ballad | Power Metal
Martin, Slovensko
The band EUFORY was founded by drummer Miriama Hodoňová in 2008 originally as a revival Def Leppard. The band eventually profiled itself with their own songs until the recording of the first CD "Flying Island Euphoria" in 2015 and this year is listed as the year "0" - for the real musical career of the band. EUFORY has become one of the leaders in the Heavy / Power Metal genre in Slovakia.

The band has won several amateur competitions and since In 2016, he regularly gives concerts on club and festival stages. The band released their second CD "Higher and Higher" at the American label Sliptrick in 2018. The EUFORY group performs more and more often not only in Slovakia, but also in the Czech Republic, and  Poland  and is constantly gaining new listeners with its energetic performances and thus expanding its fan base.
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