Metal | Crossover | Heavy Metal
Ostrava, Česká republika
The band was founded in 1995. Two original members of the original set, singer Pavel Herich and drummer René Osmančík. During that time, several bass guitarists and guitarists were replaced in the group until the last bass guitarist Martin Strejc in 2014 and then guitarist Dušan Čupa in 2015. The band has 5 self-directed CDs. Currently, the new EP is being prepared in the new set, which should be released in the middle of 2016. Several tracks are in the regular regional radio playlist (Time Rock, RockMax)


List of released CDs

MEMENTO MORI (1996) - Studio Polic

TWO (2000) - Studio Polic

GALLERY OF GENERATION (2003) - Studio Polična

A CERTAIN WAY (2006) - Studio CITRON in Ostrava

FATAL FORMATION (2010) - Study of HELPNESS in Písť


Helpness played hundreds of performances of Czech and Slovak clubs and motorcycle festivals during their time. Among the most important ones are repeated appearances at Basin Fire Fest, Metalmania, Masters of Rock, Graffna open music, SINFEST and individual solo performances as Czech and Slovak bands, such as Citron, Tublatanka, etc., followed by victory in competitions and participation as Alice Coopera in Brno in 2008 on Hey Radio, and in 2014, the winning of Time Rock radio on the prelude of American legend WASP at the concert in Ostrava. Currently scheduled performances with Limetal, Tublatanka, performances at DYMYTRY, ARAKAIN, ŠKWOR, HORKÝŽE SLÍŽE, CITRON.
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