Jay Delver

Pop | Funk | Rock
Brno, Česká republika

Music of Jay Delver captures the soul of organic sound of the 70s through 90s spontaneously enhanced by modern pop likability, funky rhythms and rock mojo intertwined with free improvisation tying the past with the present using the band‘s own formula.


Jay Delver, a four-piece band from Brno, Czech Republic introduced their first coherent studio album titled Lonely Online Dragons on May 3rd 2019. Lonely Online Dragon Syndrome – a mental syndrome which most people today suffer from according to the band is the theme uniting the individual songs into a comprehensive collection of manifestations of the illness. The last track – a spoken word – tells the story of Jay Delver who finds out that he suffers from the syndrome and comes up with rather extreme ways of dealing with the disease. 

The album was made in collaboration with Danish producer and songwriter LMK who oversaw the sound aspect of the album with an emphasis on high sonic quality. Prior to the album release a single titled Piece of Love was released which dominated the Startér Chart of national Wave Radio for five weeks consecutively in 2018 thanks to the devoted listeners contributing their votes each day. An earlier single 6th Avenue Groove saw success in Demovnica Chart of Slovakian FM Radio. Kayla, a balladic composition, can be regularly heard on Czech Proglas radio. The first studio album was preceded by a „homemade“ DIY album Stop This Thing!, which was released along with a 45-minute long video footage.
The band is currently best-known as the winners of Jazzfruit contest 2020 (organized by Mladí Ladí Jazz) where Jay Delver received praise from professional judges including well-renowned musicians Matěj Ruppert (Monkey Business) and Lenka Dusilová. 
One of the most significant concert achievements is the appearance on Nisville Jazz Festival in Serbia. Within the Czech Republic Jay Delver performed on such festivals such as Beseda u Bigbítu, United Islands of Prague or Hradecký Slunovrat. The band also supported American guitarist Malina Moye and played in venues such as Prague’s Jazz Dock, Brno’s Sono Centrum or Bratislava’s Nu Spirit and the legendary Véčko (V-klub).
This year the band is putting together new material for their second album and can be seen live for example on Mladí Ladí Jazz festival in Prague, Groove Brno festival or in a Slovakian show In Between Books which could be compared to American NPR Tiny Desk Concert. They are scheduled to play in Paris in December 2020.


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Highlight gigs:

5/2016 - Malina Moye support
6/2016 - United Islands of Prague festival
4/2017 - Demovnica Radio_FM_Nu Spirit
6/2017 - Rockový Slunovrat Řevnice
6/2017 - BiGyFest
7/2017 - Hradecký Slunovrat
8/2017 - Zubštejn času
6/2018 - Rockový Slunovrat
6/2018 - ObrFest
8/2018 - Beseda u Bigbítu
11/2018 - Nu sound of Visegrad_Bratislava
12/2018 - dom-b612 - Novi Sad - Serbia
5/2019 - Studentský majáles Brno
5/2019 - Lonely Online Dragons album release party
6/2019 - Káva a jazz festival
6/2019 - Uprostřed Festival
8/2019 - Nisville jazz festival - Niš - Serbia
8/2019 - Fest Maringota

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