Electronic | Bass | Rap | Dubstep
Praha, Česká republika
Groundbreaking and a new phase defining work is about to come with SIN.TEX’S biggest work to date – EP "Royalty"Musician/producer NeroArgento described the sound of the EP as crossover between Dubstep, Rock, Hip-Hop grooves and Future Bass mixed with Orchestral elements. The theme of "Royalty" is conceptual, the lyrics are dialogical; each song is reflecting another from a different perspective, all chained by one theme. The overall theme can be summarized as allegorical for tendencies of contemporary social value systems to create modern myths. In the lyrics main characters sees the truth behind the curtain and overthrow the supremacy of the current "royalty" which creates these myths. Inspiration for this theme comes from the book "Mythologies" by a French literary theorist, philosopher, linguist, critic, and semiotician Roland Barthes.

"Royalty" boasts many features from amazing artists including top American EDM rappers Born I Music and Messinian, Czech female singer Giudi, vocalist and producer HKFiftyOne and awards winning elite violinist Julie Svěcená.
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