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Arawn means in welsh Celtic mythology God of the Underworld. He is strict, uncompromising but fair. And it is also new Hc/trash metal band from Most. The project, which has been prepared for one year, and now, when the time has come, is ready to see the light of the world and fight with its own destiny. 
At the origin of the band was a pair of musicians Zakk Zakk (guitars, voc) and Tom (Bass), they were the only ones whos left from the Final Pain band. This band made a successful singl “Wings” with videoclip. However the different opinions among the band members led to band break up, but Zakk and Tom hoped, that they will renew it. The long time searching begun and through the band went a number of musicians, mostly drummers and singers. After a year and a half, the drummer Petr (Psychoterapy, Self Sacrifice) came to the band. At that time, it was also the decision of Tom and Zakk to finally finish with Final Pain and start up with the Arawn. Hard work started because Zakk and Tom had a clear idea of the direction they wanted to go with the band, while Petr, as a drummer from the old school, had to learn new, unusual ways. However, they found consensus very soon, everything was on its place, not only professionally but also humanly. They made a first musical material, but the band still missed a frontman. They had several options, but in the fall of 2017, Jirka (Furt2N) joined the band and added the missing piece to the puzzle. 
The year's hard work culminated on 5.3.2018, when Arawn went to recording studio Sonidos in Brno and recorded the debut album "Birth". 
Arawn, God of the Underworld or metal band, that will attack you with uncompromising thrash metal with core elements and a strong inclination to the North, especially to Finland. 
This is reflected not only in guitar riffs but also in some texts (Arawn, The Warrior). Playlist is wide, you can find social themes (Law of the Jungle, Blood, Sounds of War), historical (Lidice) and others (You Can, Dark). 
So get ready...Arawn represents his BIRTH
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