Láďa Latka

Indie | Folk
České Budějovice, CZECH REPUBLIC
Lada Latka, a local bard and folk singer from the town of Ceske Budejovice has played in local bands such as Bavato Band and Lesem se nesem Band with which he has released three demos. He brings along a relaxed style and atmosphere, performing only on his accoustic guitar. He recorded his first solo album Love Therapy in MK Production Studio under the guidance of Petr Michal at the end of 2015 and released it in February 2016. On the album he is supported by a few musician friends:
Honza Bruna-drums
Tomas Zelva Tupy-electric guitar
Petra Dvorakova-cello
Petr Novotny-bass guitar, contrabass, double-bass
Tomas Vavra-accordion, harmonica
Radim Pigl-percussions
Petr Michal-electric guitar
Nowadays he performs together with a violinist Tomas Vavra.
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