Plage Called Humanity

Industrial | Hardcore | Electronic
Brno, Haviřov, Hodonín, CZECH REPUBLIC
Plague Called Humanity is a unique mix of EBM and HC, their music is wild and noisy and their lyrics speak about dark future and drawbacks of human society. The roots of PCH can be tracked back to 2008, but the first line up of the band (Alex - vocals, Willy - keys and Cypher - guitar) formed at the end of 2014. In this line up PCH created their first DIY demo "Cyber Trash". But in the middle of 2015, Willy left the band and was replaced by Dave (keys). With the addition of the fourth member, BereNika (drums), the band decided to choose a different, more compact and hard sound. The band is very aktive concerted and included at prestigious festivals such as Junktown or Schattenwelt. Many concerts later, the band finally found its true face and they are working on a their first full-length record CD „DISCONNECTION“ that was released in 2017.
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