Vladivojna La Chia

Avantgarde | Pop | Acoustic | Soundtrack
is a Czech composer, singer, text writer and artist. Apart from solo production she devotes herself mainly to composing of film and theatre music. In 2011, she composed and recorded the music for the film "Nevinnost" ("Innocence"), directed by the most successful Czech film director, Jan Hřebejk. She was nominated for Czech Lion Award and Czech Film Critics Award. A soundtrack of the same name was also released.
In 2013 she started cooperate with a theatre director Ondřej Zajíc at the Městká divadla pražská and for his theatre performace at Rokoko Theatre she composed incidental music, namely A voda stoupá and Molly Sweeny. This music has been recorded in the album Musica Scenica Vol. 1. In 2014 Vladivojna composed incidental music for the play Burundango (first night at Rokoko on June 14, 2014) and in November a new series called Až po uši (directerd by Jan Hřebejk), again with music from Vladivojna, will start in HBO Channel.

Currently Vladivojna performs in two formations - with her permanent band (exeptional musicans: Aleš Bajger - guitars, Terezie Kovalová - cello, Tomáš Rossi - percussions, flutes, accordion). The second formations is actually Vladivojna herself - solo performances, where she plays acoustic guitar, electric bass guitar and other instruments. At those performances she often reads her funny stories Vladibajky. Last year she had numerous solo performances in galleries, libraries, cafés, theatres, clubs and festivals. People like her solo performaces for the spontaneous energy, unique chamber atmosphere a varied repertoire.

This summer she releases her fourth solo album Tajemství (s)prostěradel, which she composed, recorded and produced by herself alone. Each CD or vinyl is sold in a cover handpainted by Vladivojna.

She released her first EP in 2001 with big pussy beat band Kočičíčíči. A year later she co-founded the rock band Banana, with whom she released three critically acclaimed albums: Banana, Trip and Jungle. In 2006, Vladivojna and Banana were nominated as a rock discovery on TV Ocko, while the song La Rezistence held tightly at first place on the renowned alternative hit parade of radio Krakow, to which about 1 million people listen to daily.

Her solo album, Tajemství Lotopu, which came out in 2009, became the top album of the month at the cult Berlin store of music Dussman, and earned two alternative Tais Awards as the album and song of the year. Indian guitarist, Amit Chatterjee, who is known for his co-operation with Joe Zawinull Sindicate, Sting and Santana, guest-starred on this album.

In 2011 she released album Bohémy with a fanciful book of her illustrations and original stories called Vladibajky. The album too became the top album of the month at Berlin store of music Dussman.

In 2013 Vladivojna released her third solo album ŠRAF, which she recorded mostly at her own studio. The sax line was played by an excellent saxophone player Joe Cohen at San Francisco.

Vladivojna La Chia has starred with Laco Deczi, Amit Chatterjee, Lenka Dusilova and Varhan O. Bauer. She has opened a concert for Marilyn Manson with the band Banana, starred with Richard Müller, Waltari and with the Scorpions.
It has been five years that she operates her own radio show on ČR3 Vltava, called Čajovna.
In 2007 she graduated from the intermedial studio forum at the faculty of artistic creation at the University of Ostrava.
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