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They say every Czech is a musician. And the one who doesn’t play, dances, sings or maybe lives with some musician. She has changed the long-term environment of a multinational corporation for an adventure in the music wilderness, manages Fair Price Music and dances as fast as she can.


Since high school, he’s been living for music, especially rock. Fair Price Music is for him an opportunity to do his bit in the music world. He uses his organizational skills and experience in the production of several music festivals in cooperation with Ondra.


After 16 years in IT security, a music project is the real deal for him; although it seems he would never learn to play the guitar properly. Fair Price Music is both job and hobby for him, so he can show off to kids, friends and acquaintances one day when he’s sitting in his slippers in front of the fireplace.


An idealist and a dreamer from the band Gate Crasher who repeatedly hits the hard walls of the music business with his face. So he decided to give them a hand and to help not only to his band but also to other brothers in arms of music scene. He is also a festival producer and works in a software company.

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