Elections In The Deaftown

Indie | Shoegaze / Post-punk
Považská Bystrica/Bratislava, SLOVAKIA
Elections In The Deaftown is an honest indie rock five-piece coming from two small villages Brvnište and Papradno in the heart of Slovakia. 

Being influenced by the likes of The Cure and the recent wave of dreampop/shoegaze/postpunk bands, they create melancholic and dreamy melodies based on atmospheric sounds that consist of layered guitars, shimmering synths and echoing vocals. With a smooth and precise rhythm section it is a pleasure to listen to them. 

Playing at festivals such as Pohoda, Waves Bratislava, Rock For People, Creepy Teepee, Grape and many others has made their fanbase rise quickly. Over the past few months they have also played in Berlin, Budapest, Prague, Graz and Umag in Croatia.

The band released a debut album named Glue in December 2015. It contains the heavy-airplayed singles Ritual and Comfort Zone.

Elections In The Deaftown are Lukáš Zdurienčík (vocals, guitar), Lukáš Harvánek (guitar, backing vocals), Juraj Hariš (bass, backing vocals), Martin Husarik (synths, backing vocals) and Ľuboš Šamaj (drums).
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