Noise | Alternative Rock | Avantgarde | Post-vape, post-sup
Ljubljana, SLOVENIA

Lynch is a four-piece band from Ljubljana, Slovenia. Their music ranges from stoner rock to noise rock, while still containing enough pop sensibility to make you sing along. But be vary of surprises, the songs tend to change direction when you least expect it! Not unlike David Lynch’s films, even though no two tunes sound alike, they all carry a recognisable sound - be it the signature vocals of singer Jan Ovnik or the screeching guitar of Nik Drozg. Yet at the end of the day it’s still four lads on stage, uncompromisingly grinding their instruments, not pretending to be anything more than that.

In 2017 they played at the local showcase festival Ment Ljubljana and after that toured Slovenia extensively through the Club Marathon platform, run by Radio Študent, whose journalists handpick 6 artists every year. 

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