Mala Ruckus

Rock | Alternative | Indie
Mala Ruckus is an indie alternative rock band formed in China.

The band's sound comes from an assorted range of influences, due in part to the varied backgrounds
of the individual members.  Folk, rock and alternative music are blended with melodious group harmonies and
honest lyrics.

The members met and formed the group in 2013 and have played in a multitude of cities in China, and Europe establishing
a reputation both for their energetic live shows and musical credibility.  ​Living as expatriates in China and brings
with it a host of strange and unusual experiences and opportunities, and living as musicians in an indie band in China can be a weird and wonderful experience in itself.  The band's website and blog can attest to this.

Set to release their first studio album, Mala Ruckus have worked passionately to create a sound that combines their respective influences  with a playful personality and a voice all their own.

Alex Montyro  - Vocals, Guitar, Harmonica
Francis Carlisle - Keyboard, Vocals, Synthesizer
Ian James - Bass, Vocals
Caolon O'Neill Forde - Guitar, Mandolin
Sean Rollins - Drums, Percussion
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