Neurotic Machinery

Death Metal | Metal
Tachov, Mar. Lázně, Plzeň, CZECH REPUBLIC

Metal band Neurotic Machinery was founded in September 2006. Over the course of its existence, the band has played over three hundred concerts, including foreign events. During its existence, the band made five official video clips and released five albums, "Catalept" (2008), "Opsialgia" (2010), which was released in cooperation with the magazine Pařát in a total of 6500 copies. EP "Exi(s)t" (2012) has received many positive feedbacks and is ranked fifth in Ceny Břitva 2012 Survey. "Causality Principle" (2015) is full of post-rock experiments. All these experiences were borne out by the band's new album "Cognitive Dissonance", which was released at the end of the summer of 2017. The band Neurotic Machinery initially performed in the death / thrash genre but its range was not enough for the band. Stylish transitions and the desire to experiment reflected in the EP "Exi(s)t" and the band is heading for this trend in its current performance.

 Members of the band:

Martin Bárta – Drums

Aleš Haník – Guitar

Michal Šedivý – Guitar

Ondřej Uhlíř - Vocals

Jan Pilík - Vocals

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