Hardcore | Metal | Female fronted
ONA is a Czech band which individually floats not only in hardcore and metal waters. Distinctive rhythms presented by bass player Marek Vaňoušek and Luboš Denner on drums,  accompanied by aggressive guitars of Petr Caha, create a space for growl and emotive singing by Silvie Marie Cecilie Chrudinová.

Our roots date back to the end of 2013, when we met in Trebic like three guys who knew each other from the local scene. A turning point was the beginning of the year 2015, when we found the last member. The first rehearsal was accompanied with mystical atmosphere. Silvie came with some lyrics inspired by life, so we could form the final songs. In December 2015, we have begun to regularly perform with our energetic show and let to know about us.

Since 2016, we have prepared a material for our first album, which we started recording at the end of the year in the SONIDOS studio in Brno. In the summer 2017, our debut CD "The Calling" was released. We are working on promoting the album and performing mainly on the Czech club scene now. In the fall we are going to support Moldovan band Infected Rain at Melodka club in Brno.

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