Psychedelic Rock | & Tuareg Blues / European Folklore

Oswaldovi is a Czech-Italian duo formed by Andrea Rottin and Kateřina Malá. Two voices, electric guitar, basic drums. Their sound is a blend of psychedelic rock, both American 1930s and tuareg blues, South European folklore and spaghetti western soundtracks.  The use of voices is a research for balance between vocal experimentation and a traditional choral singing approach.

On the 3rd of October 2017 Oswaldovi will release their newest record called Songs About Persecution. The record is inspired by the events in the lives of people who lived in and migrated to or through southern Europe and former Austria-Hungary since the beginning of 20th Century until nowadays. People who did it, because of personal reason, because they were being persecuted or because of other power games menacing their existences.

Opening and accompanying the concert they propose a projection of a work by Scentographers (Sara Montin and Paolo Moretti), a project attempting to play, record and store memories of odor in digital videos.

Painting and design: Sali Ertunc
Recording: Petr Hromádka (Low Resolution Studios)
Mix and master: František Šec (Ďáblice Studio)
Guests: Carlo Veneziano (balafon), Jan Buriánek (trumpet), Petr Hromádka (voice)

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