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Pajoche  is the crossover quartet from Brno playing free-mindedrock with the strong emphasis on melody. Thematically, the band revolves around a sarcastic view of the today's world, making fun of the consumer's lifestyle or clichés of  metal bands or asking themselves serious questions about death, relationships and sense of the rat race. These topics are given in Czech and English.
    The exact date of band foundation can not be determined because the songs  from the "drawer" have been writen by Pavel - who has formed the band -  since 1999. However, the project was apparently found by  impulse of the Irish IP address of 04.05.2009 which is the day when the Pajoche profile has been created on the  Bandzone originally as  one-man-band. In October 2011, Pajoche released the very first  EP (mini-album ) Taste Test. The album contains five songs and in which are the good mixture of  Industrial, Drum N Bass and rock. Album has been spotted by American Music Guitar Muse server where they has written quite good review. 
                 In 2012, the Pajoche is becoming a band, after several changes in the late summer of 2013 band is stable with follwoing members : Pavel Ovesný (guitar, vocals, programming), Filip Chuchma (bass), Peter Siman (drums) and Martin Pochyla (keys, synth, vokokdér) .In the period of May and June 2013 the band played the first series of concerts. In 2014, already quite coordinated band began work on their debut album.

     Work on their debut due to workload of band members extended until 2016. During the course, the band performs  and in January 2016 published its first music video named Toi Story. This song is part of a long-playing record debut, which is scheduled for 01/10 2016. Already now we can say that the basic genre axis of the new board holds back the waters on the border of rock and electronics, board definitely not for the conservative audience. We look forward to once again rock, drum'n'bass, breakbeat, but also reggae. So let's surprise.
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