Alternative | Dream |  shoegaze/post-rock

SEAEYE - the music pouring out of the dream world. The world is so close to everyone. Music tells the story about distant waves of the timeless ocean, about flight of nameless birds which cherishes freedom in their wings. But the gray snake of melancholy lurks in this light harmony and whispers about the coming of eternal winter, about hope frozen in the ice. Light melancholic melodies and gentle vocals combine with hard riffs, and create a vivid picture of dreams.

The band was founded by Vladislav Tkachenko as one-man band project in 2010 under the name DEVASTATING SORROW. They have developed from the depressive black metal to the post-rock/shoegaze.

A band has fully changed its sounding and was renamed as SEAEYE to 2012. One-man project has outgrew in a full band. A great influence for the SEAEYE's creative work had a music of such bands as ANATHEMA, THE CHAMELEONS, SLOWDIVE, ALCEST, SIGUR ROS. The music of SEAEYE is a combination of nostalgia and inspiration, anxiety and pacification.

In 2012 Russian Shapeless Visions Records was produced on a CD first ЕР "Journeys Beyond Time". A year later thanks to Italian Visionaire Records this ЕР became accessible all over the world in a digital format. A release got good reviews from listeners and from the representatives of mass media.

The long-awaited full-length album "The Sunken Miracles" finally was released in 2016 via Russian label Mazzar Records. Artwork was done by famous Ukrainian artist-designer Vyacheslav “Nurgeslag” Smeshko (ROTTING CHRIST, MOURNFUL GUST, NORDWITCH, IN FOR THE KILL).

During the time of its existence SEAEYE has shared the stage with such bands as ALCEST, SYLVAINE, THE BEST PESSIMIST, KROBAK, H.SOROR, SLEEPING BEAR, ALINDA, MENTAL TORMENT etc.

Opinions and reviews:

"…Atmospheric, melancholic, distantly heavy music provoking feelings of inner world…"

Thrashmentor / Terroraiser Magazine

"…These magnificent Ukrainian atmospheric music warriors delighted my ear mountains with gorgeous musicianship displays of shoegaze/dream pop and indie/post-rock characters…"

Timothy John Forker / Forkster PR Company

"…The best way to describe it is cinematic music, though it is closer to classical…"

Joshua Macala/Raised by Gypsies

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