Suzie Stapleton

Rock | Blues | Folk
Melbourne, AUSTRALIA
"Like many of the best singers Stapleton has an unusual voice. Pervading all her singing is a huskiness that approaches Tom Waits territory, but beneath and supporting that is a supremely delicate and precise feel for the hearing Cat Power at her very best.“ - The AU Review

Suzie Stapleton’s voice commands a room. In an instant it spirals from a charcoal murmur to a thundering roar "like a 747 taking off." It wraps around words channeled from a primal source sometimes direct, and often disarmingly poetic.

Stapleton has gained a following for her engaging performances, fierce guitar playing, and intelligent songwriting. Her second EP “Obladi Diablo” was released through Beast Records (France) in 2013 during a European tour which included appearances at France’s Binic Folk Blues Festival (Thee Oh Sees, Mikal Cronin) and Colours of Ostrava in Czech Republic (Sigur Ros, Tomahawk, The XX) .

Whilst in London, Stapleton crossed paths with Cypress Grove, the producer of The Jeffrey Lee Pierce Sessions Project. He invited her to record for the project’s third album ‘Axels & Sockets’ which was released in June 2014 (Glitterhouse, Germany) and includes Iggy Pop, Nick Cave, Debbie Harry, and Thurston Moore amongst others. Stapleton appears on the album’s first single “Constant Limbo (Constant Rain)” alongside Mark Lanegan, Crippled Black Phoenix, Cypress Grove, and Bertrand Cantat, as well as album track “My Cadillac”.

“Suzie Stapleton is a hard act to follow, I felt like a folk singer going on after Soundgarden. I think she is compelling listening and Melbourne’s best kept rock chick secret.” - Spencer P Jones (Beasts of Bourbon)

“Suzie Stapleton doesn’t fuck around. Obladi Diablo’ has a Dirty Three and Nick Cave-like gritty Aussie folk quality to it; it breathes and broods and seethes and lives.” - Milk Bar Mag

“The EP is an antidote to the insidious disease that is flaccid pop… There’s a depth of expression and passion on Obladi Diablo you don’t find in the ordinary record. Pop music… needs a serious prod from songwriters like Suzie Stapleton to remind it just what good music can sound like.” - Beat Magazine
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