The K.

Alternative Rock | Noise | Gothic
Ghent - Brussels - Liege, BELGIUM
The K. is a belgian rock noise band from Brussels influenced by bands such as Pissed Jeans, The Melvins or Fugazi.
They first won major belgian contest Concours Circuit in 2011. They released then their debut album My flesh reveals millions of souls in june 2012 through the independant label JauneOrange and PIAS.
This record met much critical acclaim in underground music publications and in major belgian media as well.
As you can see on video footage the band's strongest feature lies on the energy they give off during live acts.
Those who grew up on Drive Like Jehu, McLusky, and Unsane will certainly recognize their influence and knows now their artistic legacy is in good hands with The K.
They're now working on a second record to be released in the next few months.
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