Yogi Rulez

Trip-Hop | Acid Jazz | Funk | Downtempo
Yogi Rulez (real name Stanislav Puffler) is a one-man project (music producer / beatmaker), drummer and keyboard player ballancing between downtempo, acidjazz, jazzhop and triphop. Everything started back in 1992, when Yogi began experimenting with computer music under various other pseudonyms (using 8-bit Atari 130 XE). At the grammar school, he was part of the electronic band God´s FX´s followed by the triphop band Surrounding, where Yogi played keyboards.

His first release in 2005 was called Contemporary Art from the Black Market and released under Creative Commons license on Language Lab netlabel. Thanks to songs from this EP, he got into the talent scouting competition of Czech Radio Wave. This release was followed by Brand Nu Concepts recording from which listeners of Radio Wave, Radio 1 and Vltava could hear the singles Nocturno or Soul Navigatin´ with guest MC One Two (civil name Jan Pospíšil from Navigators, later the project Android Asteroid).

In 2007, Yogi Rulez won the historically first year of the Startér talent scounting contest. At that time, he already worked very closely with the excellent jazz vibraphonist Radek Krampl and singer Jana Fabiánová. Yogi hastily built the whole band. Together with Jana Fabiánová, Radek Krample, Martin Kuzma (drums) and Matěj Havlíček (bass), they began to transform studio electronic recordings into a live form. Unfortunately, the concert did not take place.

In 2020, after a thirteen-year hiatus, when Yogi devoted himself to maximally occasional remixing, he shot another EP called Microbiome. It was released under the distribution of Supraphon on all well known streaming platforms. During the work on remixing and Digginsack beat contests he got back into production and in 2021 finally preparing a full-length record which should be named TIME GOES BY AND THE BEAT GOES ON.
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