Fair Price Music is heading to Poland

Feb 6, 2018

Fair Price Music is entering Poland. It will enable the local independent musicians and labels to get their music among their fans, find new ones, address promoters and the media both in Poland and outside their country. And to bring international music to Poland. Thank you, AGU, for being such a great help!


Dec 5, 2017

Winter’s coming to Europe and our souls seek for somewhere to rest. Our special FPM PLAYLIST is a place for you to hide (with)in. 5 new albums, 10 tracks, will get your hearts filled with intimacy, shivers, stories and mystery. Dive into the new album by Kalle, get absorbed by our special Catalan guest, Nico Roig, listen to the stories by the Czech-Italian duo Oswaldovi, dreamy Billow and yet another one-man project, Jaro. Let it snow!


Beps’n’Johnnies, new EP and FPM Live Session

Nov 20, 2017

Beps’n’Johnnies are entering a new era, releasing their debut EP Screw Loose Girl, which was created as a personal testimony of Bára (Beps) Pokorná, the frontwoman of the band. The EP was recorded end of 2017 in cooperation with the producer Rhys Braddock, the local New Zealander, known from Metronome Blues or Gerda Blank. Beps’n’Johnnies also cooperated with Vaclav Havelka from Please The Trees and Ondrej Novotny (Professor Leopard). Together with their EP, we’re releasing their second FPM Live Session - Sound Of Your Voice.

FPM Live Session: Beps’n’Johnnies - Sound Of Your Voice

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