Drzý Čert

Thrash Metal | Black Metal | Heavy Metal
Nový Jičín, Czechy

On 14.11.2009 we met for the first time in the constituent line-up and we had our first debates on how, when, where, what and who the band would be. Since the band is composed of experienced musicians and ex-musicians of well-known metal bands (Root, Demon, Ritual, Defloration, B.B.R.), we were quite clear in what direction we are going.


In January 2010 we set up a test room and purchase hardware. We spend a lot of money and also arrange the recording studio MM Records.In spring 2010 are the first rehearsals and in June we start recording our first promo CD called Return ... on which should appear 3 tracks and which will be released by Panda Music, where it is also agreed to release the first debut CD of the band. In the summer the promo CD - Return ... is released and we attract our first fans because it is well received. In the autumn we start playing the first gigs, but also the band is marked by the first personal change, which is the departure of guitarist Peter. We are preparing material for the debut album and looking for a new guitarist.


In spring we rehearse 4 more guitarists, but without success. We will play some gigs and take a break to prepare the material for the new CD. Guitarist Tomyhell from B.B.R. Preparations for the release of the album culminate in August and should be filmed soon. We are also preparing for the first concert tour and performances at summer festivals. We are officially chosen to support the Brazilian band Torture Squad. We win JičínFest 2011 as the best band in the audience vote. The recording of the debut CD is postponed after re-evaluating the prepared material and recording possibilities. The band is undergoing personal changes (guitarist Milla is leaving) and it is agreed to cooperate with the new guitarist S.O.S.man on the recording of the album called Codex Gigas. At the end of the year we play in Brno in Melodka at a concert of strong threes, Root, Debustrol, Impudent Devil and the time of thrash metal madness is coming.


In January, the new guitarist Jirka "S.O.S.man" Sosík, who plays in the band Public Relations, is finally coming to the rehearsal room, thus preparing the material for the release of the CD, creating new arrangements and sound. We are winning the JičínFest 2012 for the second time and we are inducted into the Hall of Fame ... ;-) We are reaching out to famous artists who will help us in the design and appearance of the CD, both cover artwork, photos, music direction and recording itself. The guest who pushed through the band in 2011 Tomáš Urbánek (B.B.R.) is leaving. Guitarist Milla returns to the band and we continue to prepare for recording the CD. In May we set out to the stage again in full force. After the bitter festival summer, it is finally time to record a new album ... Codex Gigas, September - December.

11. Aug. 2013

The CD - Codex Gigas has been released, featuring personalities such as Jiří BigBoss Valter (text Winner), Petr Blackie Hošek (mastering), Roman Kýbus (graphics) and other guests. The CD was launched on March 23, 2013 in Rockbar Ace in Nový Jičín and the CD is thrown into hell pits by the hands of Míra Horejska and Pačesse (Asgard) ... school sound. The CD is requested to review fanzines and magazines from Poland, Hungary, Italy and Argentina. In the middle of the year the band announces "Creative break".

11. Nov. 2014

The original guitarist Petr Ulrych returned to the band, who released with the band CD - Return ... (2010) and is slowly beginning to prepare for a new, so far studio project. In December the band will play one extraordinary concert.

2015 - 2016

The band is inactive in concert and only meets on business.


We started working on material for the new album "Forever the Curse".


Due to time reasons, he takes a creative break from Jarda's drummer, and Martin "Laca" Krč (Deflorace, Martyrium Christi) takes over his role and is actively involved in the creation of the new album "Forever the Curse".


Promo CD "Forever Curse" and video for the same track are released. The band will play some extraordinary concerts and in September 2019 together with the band Debustrol will celebrate 10 years of existence. In the autumn, the final stage of filming the album "Forever the Curse" begins.


We end up with live concerts in any form.  Drzý Čert , it still exists, only as a studio band. Our musical expression has moved in a different direction ... but we still thank you for your expressed and unceasing favor.  Drzý Čert... blackness forever!
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