Brno, Nowa Zelandia

METRONOME BLUES started as the solo project of New Zealand-born-Brno-based musician/producer Rhys Braddock with the release of a self-titled album in 2014. It eventually morphed into a real band with Lukaš Baumann and Honza Čapek, releasing two full length albums, “SIDES” (Full Moon, 2016) and “Vicious Circles” (Happy Mutant, 2018), and touring around Europe. Studio creations slowly became tense, noise-rock workouts and the live shows came fully alive. Back to a solo project again, Rhys has reworked a lot of material into drum machine-led electro-acoustic compositions, layering loops and noise on top. In 2020, Metronome Blues releases new album, Garden of Eden (Kabinet Records), which is a quite departure from the last two albums. At the same time, Rhys is back on stage featuring guest musicians.



METRONOME BLUES sprung to life in 2015 as the post-Gerda Blank solo project of Czech residing kiwi-expat Rhys Braddock. It soon morphed into a real band. Czechs Honza Čapek (bass) and Lukáš Baumann (drums) are the backbone for Rhys’ sonic wanderings. They soon hit the road and explored the world of music clubs and festivals where the band started building a solid live reputation. Their moody and unpredictable music veers wildly from post-rock improv workouts to droney space-Krautrock, through manic post-punk jams to gentle looping grooves.

Their eponymous first album, “Metronome Blues”, which was released digitally in June 2015 as the original solo project, was recorded in various cities and studios between 2000-2008: Melbourne, Tokyo, London and, finally New Plymouth, NZ.

Their second album "SIDES" was released in 2016 through Prague-based Full Moon Magazine. Two singles "Lonely Sun" and "War Crimes" were taken from this album.

New album "Vicious Circles" was released on January 18th, 2018 through Czech indie label Happy Mutant. The title is a reference to the feel of the society currently living in a cycle of viciousness, media-wise (echo-chamber), culturally (tech), politically.

Their last project was the live soundtrack to F.W. Murnau’s silent movie - FAUST (1926), which they performed at the 44th Summer Film School Festival in Uherské Hradiště, CR (August 2018) where Metronome Blues gained a positive response both from the film viewers and music critique.

In Autumn 2018, Rhys moves back to a solo project again, performing with guest artists. He has reworked a lot of material into drum machine-led electro-acoustic compositions, layering loops and noise on top. In 2020, Metronome Blues releases new album at Kabinet Records, Garden Of Eden, which is quite a departure from the last two albums. Rhys is back live featuring guest artists such as Peter Kušnirik (drummer at Inheritance, Nikander, True Fir) and more.

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