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Most, Czechy
History and
forming the band - PETER'S BAND

this band is somewhat unsettled, especially because some of its former
members. The band formed in December 1998. Its founder is Peter "Peters"
Majerčin (hence the name Peter's Band) and his brother Alex "Alex" Majerčin. Band
soon adds singer and guitarist Josef Šutera Roman Polcar. From the very beginning
The band focuses on creating their own repertoire, stylish fusion of punk rock and
melodic rock and heavy. After about a year, leaving singer JosefŠutera and is replaced
Charles thatch. The composition of the band is working four years and filmed their first LIVE
demo called So what. After 4 years, leaving guitarist and singer, but the band
still functions. Joins the band guitarist Václav Pazdera a second guitarist Roman
Kočár. The composition of the band has roughly one year. After a year, the band alternates
guitarists. Leave the last two mentioned and comes Adolf "Dolfi" Hájek and
Lubos Kolarik, who left the band after a year of action. In 2008 returns
guitarist Roman Polcar.

The band frequently
acts in rock clubs, motosrazech, pubs and bars, mostly in
Most, Duchcov, Chomutov and surrounding villages.

After a long time
lasting disputes, the band breaks up thatch and singer Charles Romano
Polcar, but the band has continued to follow:

Petr "Peters" Majerčin - bass
     guitar, vocal
Adolf "Dolfi" Hájek - guitars,
Alex "Alex" Majerčin - drums
Martin "Kozel" Kozlok - Singing
Do bands
at the end of 2009, comes another guitarist:

4th Petr
"Viky" Rus - guitar, vocal

A beginning
By 2010, his band singer, and that is:

5th Martin
"Kozel" Kozlok - Singing

The band
Currently spinning their next demo called original.

In October 2010,
  "Leaves" Viky .... !!!

The author: Petr Majerčin

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