Small Town Life

Punk Rock | Alternative Rock | Garage Rock
Šaľa, Słowacja
A bedroom project started by Jakub Spiszak in late 2014, melts it's garage rock core with the heaviness of bands such as Black Sabbath, pans the lyrics between both Joy Divison and "Love Me Do" and sometimes brings up some pop brightness of the haromny-driven Beatles.
The current formation is active since February 2017. Jakub and Philip, that have played together since primary school reformed the remains of their previous group with their former classmates Martin and Samuel, who have been around guitars only for a short period of time, having nearly no knowledge about playing music. The group played it's first gig in May 2017. In October 2017 they've released their debut EP on 7" under Kush Gong Vinyl and played a lot of shows subsequently supporting many better known local and foreign acts. In March 2018 the band toured with Psychocandy from Czech Republic
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